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Fast Break Free throws

Are you a basketball lover? If you are, then don’t miss this great basketball game!
Excellent 3D graphics and realistic shoot design! As if you were in the real basketball game!
Simple gameplay: Tap basketball to adjust the angle and strength, then release to shoot.
It is quite attractive and addicted. But you must be skillful to make continuous shoots. You will fail if you don’t hit the basket 3 times. So more practice, more process!
It will be more and more difficult as the level upgrade. How many balls can you hit and how many levels will you complete? Come on and compete with your friends for the champion!

Wet Soggy coming soon!!!!!!!!!

Wet Soggy is a new game which takes place in a simpler time.

Slyon Ball

Join Slyon and friends on a fun and addictive brick breaking adventure. Smash your way through over 90 levels of excitement. Each level brings new challenges that will have you coming back again and again. With beautiful 3d graphics, simple controls, and lack of violence; Slyon Ball can be enjoyed by nearly all age groups. Updated regularly with fresh new content. Integrated with Immersion Tactile Effects


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